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Part of the Honey Bee Zen Family

Honey Bee Zen is a family-run beekeeping operation focused on honey and pollination services. Our Swan Valley Honey brand is exclusively harvested in the beautiful Creston Valley.

Our bees harness the power of the sun and nature to produce delicious honey from a vast array of British Columbia wildflowers. We practice healthy, holistic beekeeping and naturally keep our bees and their hives as they were intended.

We believe in taking a calm and thoughtful approach to producing quality honey and hive products.

Enjoy A Local Favourite

We are proud that our Swan Valley Honey products are beloved by so many. All Swan Valley Honey is exclusively harvested in the Creston Valley. Shop online for Swan Valley Honey and our other great honey products at our Honey Bee Zen website.

About Honey Bee Zen

Honey Bee Zen Apiaries is a family-run beekeeping operation focused on a holistic approach to beekeeping. We produce honey products under the Swan Valley brand and the Honey Bee Zen brand. We also provide pollination services, offer education opportunities and have even created a wellness line of natural honey & beeswax-based cosmetics.